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HAIVEN is the world’s first luxury intelligent smart home monitoring, surveillance and security system that delivers complete peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is it easy to set up Haiven Home devices?
A. Yes! All you do is place your Haiven Home where you want it, adjust the camera angle to your liking and use your phone to connect to the mobile app. Once you create your account and pair the device you’ll be good to go. There are no additional hubs required.

Q. Is Haiven Home best for renters or homeowners?
A. Both! Haiven Home’s simple and beautiful design lets you place it anywhere and take it with you if you move. Haiven Home devices eliminate the need to invest in an expensive hard-wired security system.

Q. Do I need a wi-fi connection to set up and operate my Haiven Home devices?
A. Yes, Haiven Home’s video is transmitted to the cloud and to your mobile device over wi-fi.

Q. Do I need tools to install Haiven Home Vantage?
A. Haiven Home Vantage can be installed into most existing recessed light fixtures without any tools. Our patent-pending MagTilt technology secures the device in place—it’s as easy as screwing in a light bulb and there’s no wiring to mess with!

Q. Does Haiven need to be plugged in?
A. Not during normal use. Haiven Home Classic’s proprietary battery lasts up to 6 months, so you’ll only need to plug it in occasionally to recharge. For Haiven Home Vantage, the battery charges itself when the light switch is powered on. As long as the lighting circuit is used on occasion you may never need to manually charge Haiven Vantage.

Q. How long does it take to recharge the battery?
A. It takes about 7 hours to fully charge Haiven Home Classic. Haiven Home Vantage will fully charge in less than 2 hours.

Q. What do you have against wires?
A. A few things. Electrical outlets aren’t always near the ideal location for a monitoring camera. This means that if a camera relies on electricity, you have unsightly cords running along walls and throughout the house. You also might have to compromise camera placement to be close to an electrical outlet. In the case of a power outage, a continuously powered camera would not be able to function. Lastly, wires contribute to a cluttered, messy look, and nobody wants that.

Q. How many Haiven Home cameras do I need for my home?
A. It depends on your needs. A typical 3-bedroom home is well covered with 4-5 Haiven Home devices. A few common places for Haiven include: front entryway, living room, nursery and kitchen. Haiven also makes a great gift for elderly relatives so you can keep an eye on them when you’re not around.

Q. How big are Haiven Home products?
A. Haiven Home Classic is approximately 6” tall and has about a 3” diameter. Haiven Home Vantage is approximately 6” in overall length with about a 3-¾” diameter.

Q. Are there any additional costs?
A. Nope. Haiven Home offers complimentary video cloud storage for the last 24 hours of motion-triggered recordings. If you need more storage, premium membership upgrades are available. See our Products pages for additional info on pricing plans.

Q. Are Haiven Home products waterproof?
A. Currently our products are recommended for indoor use, but we appreciate the feedback as we develop new features.


Q. What countries will Haiven Home be available in?
A. Initially, Haiven Home will first be certified for sale in North America, but shortly after Haiven Home will be approved for sale in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Q. Will the Haiven Vantage fit in my standard ceiling light fixture?
A. Most common ceiling light fixtures in North America use a standard E26 “Edison Screw”, to which Haiven Vantage has been specifically designed. European and Australian light sockets are typically E27 which is slightly larger in size. At this time, Haiven Home cannot guarantee compatibility with E27 light sockets, but we continue to test the compatibility with E27 sockets. Haiven Vantage is designed to replace your BR30 and PAR30 light bulbs.

Q. Will Haiven work with Alexa or other connected home devices?
A. Integration with Alexa and other connected home devices are confirmed for Haiven Home's roadmap, however, we may not be able to deliver this feature with the initial product release. The best part? Integration with other home devices is a simple software update that we can push out remotely (the same way you receive software updates for your phone or computer). You won’t have to purchase a new Haiven Home device to receive an update like this!

Q. Does Haiven Home Vantage need a pre-existing light fixture or can it be hard-wired in any location?
A. The beauty of Haiven Home Vantage is the ease of installation, but should you prefer to hard-wire Haiven Home Vantage into your home, we would not object.


Q. Can I store the moments captured on my Haiven Home?
A. Yes. Every Haiven Home device comes with a complimentary base membership that stores motion-triggered recordings from the last 24 hours in our secure cloud. If you’d like additional storage, you can simply upgrade your membership at any time. See our Products pages for additional info and pricing.

Q. Will Haiven Home devices come with a microSD memory slot for capturing video locally?
A. Instead of a microSD memory slot, Haiven Home provides dedicated memory in the device for local video storage. We feel that security is even more important during a power outage, and so unlike most other cameras, Haiven is equipped with on-board storage to keep you covered when the lights go out.

Q. Is my data secure?
A. Haiven Home utilizes the most advanced encrypted software technology to protect your data. We understand that home is the most private place and that's why we hold data security in the highest regard and are committed to safeguarding your private information.


Q. How much is shipping?
A. We’re offering free shipping within the contiguous United States! For Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories and international orders, there will be an additional shipping will cost that you'll see at checkout.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes! We can ship internationally to most countries at an additional cost. You will see your shipping cost at checkout.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. We know you will love Haiven Home. Devices may be returned within 30 days of when you receive them for a full refund, no questions asked.

Q. How do I return a Haiven Home device?
A. Email us at and we'll help you out.

Q. Does Haiven Home have a warranty?
A. Yes. Haiven Home devices have a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Q. I have more questions. Who can I contact?
A. Please email and we’ll get you an answer as soon as we can.