The Most Beautiful New Products for Your Smart Home


The Most Beautiful New Products for Your Smart Home

Monitor your kids, optimize your Wi-Fi and help set the mood without sacrificing style.


As design-forward as “smart” technology may seem, most of today’s new gadgets leave something to be desired when it comes to design. They’re made of white or black plastic and tend to look out of place when placed in the home.

The best smart home products today have roots in modern design while leveraging premium materials that typically belong in the home. It’s no longer enough to provide the best performance and highest specifications. Simplified controls, elegant UX, and an aesthetic that aligns with the home are the new standard for the best tech products of today. From Haiven’s use of precious metals and natural materials to Google’s router that can be disguised as home decor, the best smart products are now some of the best-looking.



Courtesy of Haiven Home

Haiven Classic’s zero wire operation provides home security without the clutter, and the use of premium materials means it looks great anywhere in your home.

With roots in LA fashion and Silicon Valley tech, Haiven Home aims to release its highly anticipated gold (or silver) security camera to bring customers peace of mind without compromising on style. Besides great looks, the product incorporates advanced human and package detection as well as face-recognition technology to alert you when family members arrive. Haiven’s proprietary technology allows for placement anywhere; untethered by power cables for a truly wireless solution. Keep an eye on what matters most while you’re away. Piece of mind through beautiful technology, now that’s smart; starting at $349.

Courtesy of Haiven Home     PLUME WIFI REPEATER

Courtesy of Haiven Home



Courtesy of Plume

Plume’s pod plugs directly into an outlet.

Plume Pod’s Plume is another zero-wire solution for minimal clutter. Furthermore, Plume leverages a honeycomb shape and a metallic looking enclosure for a sleek and modern solution to your Wi-fi woes. Plume’s software continually self-optimizes the wireless neetwork to bring you improved connectivity. Expected to ship this Fall, these Pods comes in onyx, silver, and Champagne faceted designs; $39 per pod.



Courtesy of Twist

Twist’s smart speaker bulb brings music to any room without clutter of added devices and cables.

Twist’s smart speaker bulb fills your room with the right ambiance for the moment with both music and light in a simple to use bulb. Twist uses iOS AirPlay rather than bluetooth for simpler pairing and a higher quality and longer range connection (Wi-fi instead of BLE). Preorder twist today; $450 for three bulb pack.



Shells for Google’s OnHub wireless router designed by various artists.

Courtesy of Google

Google OnHub For its first-ever router, Google teamed up with artists and designers to create artistic shells to cover up the technology; $200 each.